Haye vs Bellew Preview

Tonight will see two British Boxers collide in what looks to be an exciting and tense affair.

David Haye and Tony Bellew meet in a Heavyweight bout at The O2 Arena in London, both boxers have shared a strong dislike towards one another in the build up to this contest, which will boil over in a few hours time.

Haye is still on the comeback trail after retiring in 2013. His first 2 fights back, can hardly be called a contest for the former Heavyweight World Champion, so this will be his first real test against the current Cruiserweight World Champion.

Bellew has been chasing a fight with Haye for more than year and he has finally got his wish, if even it meant that the London fighter got everything his own way.

It is almost time for the talking to stop, and there has been much of that. Bellew has been referring to Haye’s lifestyle, his readiness for this fight and the reasons for his comeback, that have all angered the former World Champion.

Meanwhile, Haye has been stating that he is in the shape of his life and that he is going to knock the Liverpudlian out within 3 rounds.

How could each fighter gain the victory tonight?

If Haye is back to his best, you would imagine this may only go for a few rounds. His power and speed could prove to be too much for Bellew. He will need to turn back the clock and use his trademark Haymaker shot to get an early finish in this one. If Bellew can take his shots however, this fight could go the distance and Haye needs to be prepared for that.

If after the first round, Bellew seems un-phased by the power and speed of Haye, then he will need to be more conservative and attempt to outbox the Cruiserweight Champion. If he tries to go out all guns blazing for the first 3 or 4 rounds, he could find himself low on gas in the later rounds.

If Bellew is to win however, he needs to focus on being in survival mood for the first 3/4 rounds before then beginning to make his mark on the fight. He needs to cover up and box Haye for the first few rounds, and make the Londoner miss and keep missing.

He cannot afford to come out ready for a bust up, if he does he will leave himself open to potential knockout shots from The Haymaker. If bellew does get through the first 5 rounds, I believe the fight will be his. Haye has not had a 12 round fight since Klitschko, he may not have the tank for that, and this will sway the pendulum in Tony Bellew’s favour.

Bellew will need to use his height advantage, and keep Haye on the outside, similar to the tactic of Klitschko all those years a go. His jab will be crucial in winning this context, get the points through the jab and then get out of there before Haye lands a significant shot.


I believe this could be a terrific fight. I would love to see the fight go for 7 or 8 rounds, and give the fans something to cheer. However, I can only see one winner… David Haye.

I believe that when Bellew takes the first shot from Haye, he will realise the power behind his opponent. Haye is the bigger man and physically more in shape and I feel this will give him the edge, to add to his speed and power. Haye is the natural Heavyweight, and I believe Bellew will be a little out of his depth.

If Haye’s past is well and truly behind him, then Bellew will stand a good chance.

For me, Haye wins via Knockout within 3 rounds.

Stay tuned to the DT Reports twitter account for LIVE updates during the contest!


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