Why high-street shops will soon be forgotten, and who will last the longest.

Everybody loves a walk around the shops, especially during the sale season, or do they?

The popularity of online shopping has risen dramatically since 2015, when it was only a challenge to high-street shops. Now, many would sooner browse the internet for their desired product, and pay for a hassle free delivery than driving to their nearest shopping outlet and browsing the stores.

But why is that?

This could partly go down to people leaning towards sedentary living. The thought of ambling around the shops and waiting in busy queues, before heading to another shop, and another and soon you have managed to walk around every shop in the shopping centre. This thought, almost unbearable for some.

On the other hand, it is less stressful to sit in the comfort of your own home and browse the internet with ease to find the idealistic product that you were looking for. Whilst searching for the product you will be able to see price comparisons between different stores to find the best price. Now imagine how long that would take to do in a shopping centre, especially as the shops that may shelve this product aren’t exactly next to each other.

As soon as you have found the product at the best price online, you can then simply select your delivery and pay within seconds, and you haven’t even moved from your comfy spot on the sofa.

Now, high-street companies haven’t exactly made the best move with online shopping, but they have seemingly been forced into making the move, and I will explain why.

Firstly, each store holds a selection of the product range that a company produces, however the online store holds the entire range, already offering more online, including more sizes. If you were looking to buy something at the best price, you will more than likely find it online rather than in store. This is mainly due to the online stock being kept in an open warehouse with the need to get rid.

Plus, as the stock is greater online that also means that the sales are greater in mass. Another element of this move is to be competitive online, and to be competitive you need to make your online presence and website user friendly and the best. Because of this need to be competitive, online shopping on most sites is the easiest that it has ever been creating an even greater benefit to shopping online.

Whilst keeping in line with technological advancements, many high-street companies have now developed store apps to provide the user an even greater ease when shopping online. A store app, keeps the user logged and remembers all delivery and billing details thus meaning the only thing left for the user to do each time is to select a product and checkout, purchasing within seconds.

Now that high-street stores have made it so easy to purchase items online, they are beginning to drive customers away from shopping in the actual stores.

Who will out last the rest?

I believe that within the next 10 to 15 years town centres and shopping centres will be virtually unrecognisable, they may still have stores but very few from today that we know and love.

With the likes of Amazon leading the way for online shopping, many stores that shelve items that can be purchased on Amazon will soon be defunct. The likes of Curry’s/PC World and HMV will soon be gone.

Clothes shops do ok on the grand scale of things, with a lot of us still loving the tradition of feeling up the cloth in the store, and trying it on before purchasing. But sooner or later, this will come to an end, as mentioned previously all clothes shops more often than not house better deals and more stock online.

Supermarkets will out last the rest, with many customers still not entirely convinced with their online shopping methods.

One thing is for sure, someday high-street shopping will soon be a thing of the past.


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