Raptor Training

What is Raptor Training
Raptor training founded in 2015 established itself within the Wirral community at Fitness First Bromborough, here at raptor training we help our clients continue enjoying their lifestyle whilst making small changes to daily habits to promote success. We aim to manipulate dietary, physical and cognitive decisions that help our clients work towards there physical and every day goals.
We offer 1-2-1, partner, group and home personal training throughout the Wirral and Chester. Using a mixture of weight training, crossfit and metabolic conditioning, alongside a calorie controlled diet we can promote enjoying a social life and enjoying food whilst making physical and mental progress.

Experience as a PT

I myself have worked as a personal trainer since March 1st 2015, before that I worked as a physical education teacher from 2013 to 2015.

Since starting as a personal trainer I have found myself thrown into various situations with single and multiple clients at a single time. Along side running classes and group training.

Youtube videos / content

Currently my youtube content includes training videos, diet and meal videos and instructional videos.

Future videos

In the future I look to expand my youtube with greater content and more videos explaining different workout styles and how they affect the body, alongside this my meal videos will look to explain how they affect the body before, during and after training.

Contact Details

Michael Davison PT




Twitter: @Raptortraining

Instagram: Miikedavo_PT

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCq6xHuzeqPcoGaWJEgKWlng


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