How Brexit could effect English football and specifically the Premier League. 

As we all now know, Britain has voted to come out of the EU, but how could this effect English football? 
Firstly, it really depends on the fluctuation of the pound. As the pound decreases, foreign player values will increase. For example, on Thursday Paul Pogba may have been worth £73 million, but on Friday he was worth £80 million. 
How this would effect the Premier League solely depends on how much clubs are prepared to pay. For a club like Manchester United it may not effect them too much, but a club such as Bournemouth it could effect them quite severely.
Another factor is that foreign players that have not established themselves enough at international level may not be allowed to move to Britain as they would not be granted visa clearance. 
If Britain had of been out of the EU a year ago, the likes of Kante, Payet and Martial would not have been able to move to the Premier League. 

Essentially, Britain being out of the EU could well result in less foreign players in the Premier League.
A final factor is foreign investment. English football hosts a large number of clubs with foreign owners as well as foreign sponsors. 
Obviously if the pound was to drop further then why would foreign owners invest in Britain? They would be better off to some degree investing in another country. We could expect to see a decline in foreign ownership.
However, even if the pound does drop further the amount of attention the Premier League attracts is staggering. Sponsors and foreign investors would still gain massive attention that in English football meaning that they could still increase their profits despite the value of money falling. 

If the pound increases however and the value of British money improves then we could see more foreign investment throughout English football. 
What could all of this mean for English football across the board?
The Premier League will always remain one of the top leagues in the world, and I’m sure that clubs will figure out a way around Britain being out of the EU. 
But this could actually aid the FA’s national game strategy. 
One of the main points of the strategy is the focus to improve grassroots football. This will certainly happen should the need for more English players at the highest level multiply. 

If English football does see a decrease in foreign players then this will open the chance for more British players coming through at the highest level.  
It would ultimately improve grassroots football as more attention would be placed on that area, as more British players would be progressing into the top teams throughout the country and this would then improve the national team further. 
Overall, the EU will have some effect on English football, but perhaps not too much change will occur in the Premier League itself. 
Sources: Espn, Eurosport, The Standard.


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