Unsolved Mysteries 

Intelligent technological developments, the knowledge to save lives, and many more human acquirements make us think we know it all. In actual fact, we are far from it. There are so many mysteries yet to be unveiled that could completely alter the perspectives in which we view the World. The most common mysteries are those in which we face daily such religion and the paranormal, which we all strive for an answer to, but there is much more than we may be aware of.​One mainstream theory is alien life forms. With the modern access to editing software and internet sharing, it is very difficult to conclude whether the images and videos we see online of apparent UFO or alien sightings are in fact factual or fiction. Due to the hysteria of this topic, we can easily find a so called sighting by just searching on platforms such as Google or YouTube. Although this may be interesting, and although a very open-minded person, I tend not to think too much into these ‘pieces of evidence’, as they are not anything shocking or that I haven’t seen before. What makes this mystery interesting is the unique occurrence in 1997 known as the ‘Wow! Signal’. The signal was discovered by Ohio State University’s astronomer Jerry Ehman. Strangely, when analysing the results on paper, Ehman circled a sequence which occurred for 72 seconds – ‘6EQUJ5’. This was vertically on the paper, showing the strong intensity of the signal like no other. Ehman was stunned by his findings and wrote ‘Wow’ next to the highlighted sequence. Could this be proof of another form of life trying to communicate like Ehman and his co-workers believed it to be?

​There are many unanswered questions related to life. The main question being what happens when we die, but what if we didn’t die? The next mystery on this list is the mystery of the Immortal Count. Although an exact date of birth is unknown, it is estimated that the Count of Saint Germain was born in the late 1600’s. What make his story so strange is that he apparently can be spotted in images appearing with famous people for centuries, even until quite recently in the 1970’s. What makes this even freakier is the fact he had acquired skills that can be considered highly impossible for a person to develop in their lifetime. He could speak twelve languages, was an outstanding painter and violinist, and could even fuse diamonds into a large one. He was an alchemist who prescribed hair dyes and wrinkle removal creams, and upon travel, he would always set up his own laboratory. Could this mysterious man have found the elixir of life? Or could there be such thing in time travel? Throughout his time, he has been linked to secret societies such as The Illuminati and Freemasons. Do they hold all the secrets? Although a suicide note was found in 1983 from the man who claimed to be the Count, no body was found.

​Dancing is a healthy hobby, fun pass time, and exercise. Imagine if we danced so much it killed us? This actually happened in Strasbourg, France in 1518. It began when a woman, Frau Troffea stepped out onto the street and began dancing with no music, and with no amusement. There may have been many explanations for one woman dancing consistently through day and night, but within the week, over thirty people had joined in, and within a month over four hundred. Because of the extremities, people were dying of exhaustion and heart attacks. Although this sounds unbelievable, this is not the first dancing frenzy to have happened, and medical notes have been found proving this really did happen. Many theories have been considered such as at the time possession and poisoning, but it has never been actually discovered what caused these people to dance.

​Many may have heard of the next one, but many may not know why it is so mysterious. The Bermuda Triangle is the area between the coordinates of Florida, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico, which make up the triangle. There have been many missing boats and aircrafts lost in this triangular area without any explanation. There have been many theories overtime such as a magnetic pull undersea, a doorway to time travelling, the location of the Lost City of Atlantis, and even alien abduction. What makes these disappearances difficult to resolve is the fact that no remains have been found of the missing ships or aircrafts. Is it bizarre to think it could all just be a coincidence?

​The biggest question in life is what happens after it ends? Many people follow religious readings including judgement day and Heaven and Hell, where as others believe there is nothing more – you’re existence has expired. We have all had that feeling that someone is watching us when there is no one there – could this be a sign of life after death? It has only been recently that scientist think they may be starting to get answers. After four years of observations from scientists at the University of Southampton, it has been uncovered that just under half of the people that lived to tell the tales from the studies of their deaths, explained how they experienced consciousness after their heart had stopped beating. Although it was believed from previous studies that the brain shuts off 20-30 seconds prior, a middle aged man from the study described in full detail the happenings during an entire three minutes after his death. Many people who have encountered near death experiences have described a feeling of peacefulness and some even believe to have seen brightness and felt uplifted, where as others have terrifyingly felt a sense of drowning and pulling. Could this all just be hallucinations due to the lack of oxygen to the brain? Or could there actually be a light at the end of the tunnel?

What are your thoughts on these mysteries?

Written by Christina Cooper. 


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