Exams Take Over

Exams take over your life, since we started our SATs, then moved onto our GCSES, then A levels, then degrees, then them additional qualifications just to make yourself look that little bit better to employees. Sometimes, I often feel like people forget that there is more than someone’s academic achievements, I’m currently studying for my A levels, I have an exam next week. Don’t get me wrong, I feel okay about it, I’m doing well (it’s a media exam), and I am confident in Media, but it’s just the whole idea of exams. I believe that in order to be employed by a company, they should give you a trial for a month, forgetting qualifications, and if you fit well into the job, it’s yours- and if you don’t, then at least you’ve had the experience!

I mean, imagine a life without the stress of worrying about your academic success, and people just judging you on how you are as a person. I want to be a successful journalist, travel the world, and see amazing things to even write stories about, but in order to get into University, I need my maths GCSE- now, I am not the brightest in maths, I’m not really a numbers person, I’m more of a creative, outgoing person who just wants to explore the English language and write about amazing life-stories. I just really need to pass maths! If I didn’t have the stress of the maths exam- which maths is totally irrelevant in my career choice- I would probably do much better on my more important subjects based on what I really want to do!

I honestly don’t blame the protestors fighting for children to not have to do SATs, young children should not have the stress of worrying about exams, and to hear that the exam boards are putting all the hard questions from the years into one paper, just is shocking! When I was sitting my SATs, I didn’t have a clue what was going on. I just remember getting biscuits at the end of each exam, which I looked forward to every exam, but I didn’t really focus on my exams, I was young- I shouldn’t have had to, and I’m glad I didn’t! Children just need to have family and fun. Everybody gets into high school, it’s the law to have to go- so sitting students in exams, saying you have got to pass –this amount- to get into a high school is just unnecessary and harsh in my opinion. I remember seeing students panicking and thinking, “What are they panicking about?” It’s all so silly.

Revision is key to succeeding, I’m always checking over my work after the lesson, always trying to write notes down during lesson, so don’t get me wrong I do think that being successful is important and I do try very hard but I also know that my happiness is important and that I should never stress myself out because it just makes me struggle even more, so my tip is to revise till the point you feel you’ve done enough, then do something you enjoy, then revise again- but revise in a fun way so you don’t bore yourself.

Well, back to the point, I have many upcoming exams, as do many stressed-out youngsters, so if you ever find yourself too stressed out, just remember, there’s more to you than what grades you have and don’t focus your entire life on academic success, because you’ll realise that you’ve wasted your life panicking! But also don’t slack, and do the best that you can do but still be happy because that is what really matters.

Written by Emily Lea


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