Regrettable Fasion Trends

Ever looked back at an old photo and thought ‘what on Earth was I thinking?’? I’ve done this a lot! Feather earrings, crimped hair with a bandana, and animal print clothing are only a few to list of the now embarrassing trends I followed growing up in the nineties. We’ve all done it and at the time thought we looked fabulous. Every decade is guilty of this.​One of my favourites is the overalls. Luckily enough I seemed to have avoided this one with only one or two photos wearing these at a very young age – and yes, I did look like something out of Child’s Play. This trend can be seen a lot in nineties films and a very popular look with the boy bands.

Another trend I seen during the nineties was the extremely puffy bubble coats. Although I’m quite uncertain of any reason why everyone seemed to want these jackets, I’m pretty tempted to say South Park’s Kenny may have been a key influence with this one.

​I remember mithering my parents during the 2000s for highlights. These weren’t just nicely blended highlights, these were thick, extremely chunky highlights. All the teenage girls seemed to have them, and I thought they looked amazing and grown up, but luckily my parents disapproved. Unfortunately enough for me they approved of the small buns all over my head and butterfly clips covering my hair.

I’ve not forgotten about the boys’ cuts. My favourite was again from the 90’s. Every class photo I look back on from this decade has at least five boys with middle parted bowl cuts.

​2000’s were well known for its fake tan. In the present, it’s all about looking slightly bronzed and radiant, where as back in the day it was more of impersonating an Oompa-Loompa. These tans were very noticeable, and extremely orange toned. I admittedly tried this myself. Me and my sister secretly buying tanning wipes from Body Care and tanning only our legs thinking no one would find out- that was until we realised it wouldn’t come off in time for PE, revealing our orange streaky legs in our shorts to everyone.

There is a final one I hated during this time, and I still do now – men and women wearing their pants low to reveal their underwear. With men, I wondered how their trousers even managed to stay up – they were basically wearing them on the top of their thighs! Women would wear a thong sticking out of the top of their hipsters. Although pop stars such as Christina Aguilera were a big fan of this, the women’s trend didn’t last, on the other hand, from time to time I still see young men wearing their pants low.

Shoulder pads and flared pants, with neon eyeshadow up to the brow. I’ve seen this on almost every photo of female family members from the eighties. Personally, I don’t find the teased hair to be too much of an embarrassment as they seem to find it to be, I actually think that one is going to be making a comeback. For men, with influences such as Bonjovi, and Billy Idol, big hair or makeup wasn’t a shock.

The one that seems to be the one being looked back on with embarrassment is from the seventies and eighties, being the mullet. This applies to both men and women, the only difference being the feathered look women tended to add, and the enormous side burns of the men. For men, the seventies and early eighties were also all about open shirts, revealing their chest hair supported by a big gold medallion, not to forget the thick moustaches.

One inparticular trend I’m sure you’re all familiar with is the man bun. I’ve heard mixed reviews about this one, and am not sure how long this one will stick around for, although it seems to be doing quite well. It’s recently been followed by men wearing their hair in French-plaits. In my opinion I don’t see the big deal, if a woman can do it, I believe a man should have the same right to do so too.  

​One of the most recent fashion trends I was pretty astounded by was the beard baubles. Yes, you read it right, beard baubles! Funnily enough, this trend didn’t make it too far. These unusual festive accessories were first made in December 2014. 

So next time you get out the old family albums, don’t be embarrassed by them, have a laugh and enjoy reminiscing on the old days.

Written by Christina Cooper


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