Did Tottenham throw title away?

Monday night saw Leicester crowned Premier League champions for the first time in their history. 

An unthinkable prospect a year ago, has lit up the sporting world as one of the greatest shocks ever in sports history across the globe.

But did Tottenham throw it all away?

Prior to Tottenham’s draw with Chelsea, they had three games remaining. Whilst Leicester had just two – home to Everton and away to Chelsea. Arguably two very difficult fixtures for the foxes. Tottenham had every chance of success.

Tottenham have not beaten Chelsea at Stamford Bridge for what seems like a lifetime. So going and needing a victory was certainly a tough ask.

What struck me was that right from the whistle, the Spurs players lost their heads. In the early moments Kyle Walker committed two hefty fouls on Pedro which set the standard for the game. More fouls flew in as the half went on, including some eye gauging and a get together on the touchline between several players and coaching staff. 

By half time Spurs had a 2-0 lead against the blues, seemingly coasting towards victory.

But the fouling continued throughout the second half. Pochettino failed to calm his players at half time. 

The Tottenham players had seemingly completely lost their heads in the occasion with and overall 9 yellow cards. With numerous players lucky to not be sent off. 

Chelsea later rallied and with not much time left they equalised to prevent Tottenham’s title challenge. 

What happened?

Tottenham got completely lost in the occasion. The fact that they needed a win, plus it was against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge (a ground having not won at in 19 years). 

The problem with losing your heads and getting to emotional on a game of football is that you lose focus.

Game plans, defensive formations, tactics all go out of the window. The fact that they were all fouling showed that not only had they lost their heads but also got too wound up and aggressive. 

This showed when allowing Chelsea players too much space in the area for the critical two goals.

Also, after they had conceded one goal their heads completely dropped despite still leading the game, which showed a lack of courage and leadership.

Pochettino should have calmed his players at half time and prevented more fouling, but seemingly didn’t. 

This all cost Spurs the match. As I felt that had they won, Leicester would have had enormous pressure going into the two final games whilst Spurs had an easier last two matches. 

2-0 at halftime, still in the title race and the pressure mounting on Leicester once again. But the tables turned, Tottenham’s strong form and consistency had gone out the window. 

Surprisingly enough both Leicester and Tottenham players have lost their heads in recent weeks, letting the race for the title become too much. 

Dele Ali banned for three matches for a punch, Dembele banned for 6 games due to eye gauging. 

Vardy and Drinkwater banned for two games due to sendings off plus swearing at the referee, whilst Huth banned for three matches for an altercation with Fellaini of Manchester United. 


Spurs lost their nerve and threw it all away. Still feel that Leicester would have struggled in their last two matches, although they do certainly deserve the title.

Sources: The Guardian, The Mirror, 


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