Beautiful places in the world, you may not know about

It’s that time of year again when people are thinking about making travelling plans. Whether you’re stuck for somewhere to go this year, or looking to make future plans, here you will find a variety of breathtaking attractions like no others.​Located in one of the World’s largest countries, The Magic Forest of Shanghai is on the top of my list of places to visit. Although not an actual forest, this park is so beautifully designed it is one of a kind. Experience enchantment like no other with a peaceful stroll through the illuminated forest. This exquisite attraction’s beauty cannot be described in words, therefore this is definitely one to see with your own eyes.

Ruby Falls in Chattanooga is another spectacular attraction. Experience one of nature’s beauties 1,120 feet below ground with this stunning glowing waterfall. Be taking down in the elevator to explore the caves on your journey to view the 145 foot waterfall which was only discovered this century.

For those looking for somewhere in the UK, The Fairy Pools in The Isle Of Skye in Scotland is perfect. Visit the peaceful majestic location and listen to the relaxing sound of the waterfalls, or if it’s a warm day, take a dip in the clear waters. Whether travelling with friends, family or a partner, enjoy the beautiful scenery on your travels to the pools and breathe in the fresh pure air.  

Another one for those looking for travel not too far from the UK is the Ice caves in Vatnajokull. Have a once in a lifetime experience exploring the caves, and what makes this experience so unique is the interesting fact that these caves change annually due to natural causes during the summer period, therefore, it is unpredictable of how the caves will appear during your visit. This 900 year old glacier can be visited during the winter season, from November through to March.

For history and horror lovers, Bran Castle located in Romania would an unforgettable experience for you. Although having never visited the castle, this is the one which inspired Bram Stoker with the image of Dracular’s castle. In the village besides the castle, it was once believed that there are spirits who enter the bodies of sleeping people from midnight until early hours. Experience horror and feel part of the story by visiting the beautiful castle and exploring the village. ‘We invite you to experience the history, the myth, the intrigue and the magic of this wonderful place and its Queen. We hope that you will carry the spirit that makes us love Bran Castle with you, always. We look forward to your visit.’ Dominic Habsburg. Listings of upcoming events at the castle can be found on the website.  

The Tunnel of Love in Klevan Ukraine is for the more romantic trip. It is believed that if a couple are to visit the train tunnel, their wishes will come true. Whether you believe this to be true or not, the tunnel is spectacular and like no other. The leafy tunnel was originally moulded into its shape by the passing of the trains, and is now a main attraction for couples.

Saving one of the best until last is the Wisteria Tunnel in Japan, located in Kitakyushu in the Kawachi Fuji Gardens. The gardens are like nothing I have seen before- stunning, unique and although out of a fairytale. The images alone of this floral tunnel are breath-taking. This definitely somewhere I would love to visit in my life-time, to experience the vibrant setting and strong, floral scented breeze.

Written by Christina Cooper


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