The Poor and Religion

As much as we would all like to say that we have a God like qualities, the truth is….we as humans are all are infallible with many flaws, some more than others but nevertheless when it comes to sin there is no class system all sin is judged by the All mighty on the same playing field. On some level all of us are guilty of judging “thy neighbour”, but “he without sin, cast the first stone”. Upon observation it would appear that the “rich” have the notion that God is not for them, and as stated contrary to the beliefs held by some no one person is better than the other; 


Background etc… It’s all geography and means nothing in the grand scheme of things. So why are these views held by the “rich” , what makes them feel that them feel that material things are the measure of a “man”, the wealth of a man should not be defined by by his material possessions but instead by his compassion, love and wisdom to know that even the wisest of “men” doesn’t know it all. Research suggests that if you live in a third world country you are more are more likely to believe in an all powerful deity, due to less access to food and or water. It would seem that the harder the struggle the belief of a powerful deity provides is not only a comfort but the ability to make inhospitable circumstances easier to bear.

There is a view that the poor have more to pray for, the month’s rent etc.. thus cementing the idea that the poor are more likely to be religious, the rich on the other hand the rich, it is argued already have these and much more leaving religion low on the list of priorities.

Written by Natasha Grey


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