Sexism, a Football Issue?

We all know the ins and outs of sexism, but how badly does it affect football?

A sport most popular for its men’s game, now being challenged by the women’s game.

The issue

Lately women’s footballers across the globe have been protesting at the wage differences between male and female footballers. This case has been an issue for many years in sports such as tennis and athletics. And it is now affecting the game of football.

Is this fair?

If everything was the same then no it is not fair, everyone has equal rights and female athletes have the same entitlement as the men do to salaries. 

The Problem

Unfortunately everything isn’t the same. 

There are many differences between the men’s game and the women’s game that also applies to many other sports.

Firstly, the turnover generated in male sports is much greater than that of the women’s sports. Now this cannot be helped, but what it does mean is that organisations within male sports and particularly football have more money at hand. Meaning that they are able to pay highly.

Another factor is that tv spectators and ticket sales are much larger in male sports, this meaning more fans, more interest and more income once again. TV deals are another factor within this. TV companies pay large sums of money to each league and club to host their fixtures, in comparison the women’s game does not receive such interest from tv viewers.  

Thirdly, the merchandise sales within the men’s game are larger than in the women’s game, again generating more income. 

Fourthly, investment and sponsorship. Female athletes and clubs are not sponsored to anywhere near the level that male athletes and clubs are sponsored in terms of finance. This again is due to the higher interest in male sports.

Transfer fees are greater in the men’s game producing more money for each club who received a hefty transfer fee.   

Men don’t deserve to be paid more than the women, but the issue stated is that there is more money in the men’s game than the women’s, and this is an issue in most sports. Unfortunate as it is, it’s the case. 

FIFA World Cup example.  

The winners of the women’s FIFA World Cup USA were paid £2 million for winning the tournament.

In comparison, in the men’s FIFA World Cup Final, Argentina who lost were paid £9 million.

Now this is not right as in terms that Argentina lost their final but USA won they should have been paid more.

However, if you go into the finer details and think about it, the men’s World Cup had more money involved. 

More ticket sales, greater merchandise sales, larger spectatorship. Thus all resulting in more turnover generated through the men’s World Cup. So therefore FIFA had more money at hand to pay the finalists than during the women’s World Cup. 

None of this is right, as mentioned all athletes should be paid the same. But, in reality both gender games are totally different with an astronomical difference in money. 

For the women to receive more money, more interest in their sport would have to be gained. This would then in tail, better sponsorship, more spectators, more merchandise and ticket sales. All of this resulting in more finance available to pay higher wages. 

Sources: ussocccer, bbc.


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