The impact of a child

“A child is a gift sent from God”, so it would be completely understandable if to continue with the pregnancy you had an element trepidation. In the moment that you here those words congratulations! the spectrum of emotions experienced at that time is many. And with immediate effect your whole world, your lifestyle choices are to change, the realisation that from now on you are not alone, but instead you now come as “Part of a package”. The weeks and months that follow you busy yourself trying to get as much things as possible in place. You attend your final scan and it is then that you find out that your worst fears are to become reality, you can’t help but think why…? me. I did everything right, I stopped smoking, I stopped partying I even did that Coffee Morning fundraiser for Cancer. So again why me?, the begining of many negative emotions such as; Fear


Embrassment etc… as scared as you are you realise that this innocent child, your bundle of joy needs you. It is also important to be said that cultural, religious and even social backgrounds need to be taken into consideration. Education of the appropriate kind will recognise that the individual will have a different prospective and communication style that if tapped into correctly will lessen or eradicate prior negative emotions. As the saying goes “You catch more bees with honey than you do with vinegar”. All children are special and need to be nurtured, not to be confused with “Mollycoddling”, contrary to common belief discipline of a special needs child should be no different to that of a child without. However in today’s society, a society that unfortunately does place judgements on those that are different, so handicapping your child even further by giving them special treatment etc… Will only serve to set them aside from there peers further. A child with special needs is incredibly sensitive to any and all influences, but to be remembered is that “children will be children”, the naughty gene still exists. 

Priceless are S.S.A and L.S.A (special support and learning support assistant). The work done they carry out is so important, however as “part and parcel” of their duties they are initially the first port of call between parent and teacher. And time and time again it has been highlighted that all the good work carried out is very often undermined by a “Well meaning parent”. The parent that can recognise that working in conjunction with the teacher, S.S.A or L.S.A will provide “a win, win”.

Written by Natasha Grey

Source: harden photo.


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