Kell Brook Comfortably Defends Title

British Welterweight boxer Kell Brook fought Canada’s Kevin Bizier on Saturday night, producing a comfortable knockout victory at the Sheffield Arena.It took the 29 year old less than two rounds to defeat Bizier, who should have never even been in the same ring as the undefeated IBF champion. It was a fine display by the Yorkshireman, producing brilliantly executed punches, with such power in his hands. His huge Sheffield following sat mesmerised by the performance.  

The naturally laid back character of the challenger was shown, looking out of focus before the first bell rang. From looking at his body language, he looked like he knew he wasn’t going to achieve anything out of the fight, which was shown early on in the fight with Brook picking the Canadian off in the first minute. The champion looked in a completely different league to his opponent, managing to get through with almost every punch he threw. The guard was up throughout the early exchanges, but Brook still managed to get through. I got the feeling that Bizier didn’t want to be in there, just agreeing to fight Brook for the financial aspect.  

Bizier threw the odd job here and there, rarely connecting, and if it did, straight against the red and gold gloves of the ‘Special One’. Truth be told, the challenger was mostly left swinging at air, with Brook’s perfect manoeuvring skills on display. It was the complete opposite for the home town hero, with Bizier almost stationary, expecting the end to arrive. The ‘contest’ was over before the second round had ended, with the 31 year old’s fate finally becoming a conclusion. A swinging right hand from Brook sent Bizier back on his heels, looking dazed from the shot, as he collapsed to the ground against the ropes with still his opponent throwing punches. Remarkably, he just about beat the count and went again.  

However, he lasted all of four-seconds as he sunk down to the canvas once more. Staring at his corner, this is never a good sign in a boxing fight. The referee waved his arms in the air before finishing the count, with the layer out challenger still by his feet in front of him. Vizier managed to get up seconds later, to the sight of his team helping him regain his focus. Blood poured from his nose, breathing heavily. The Canadian’s record now stands at 25 wins and 3 defeats, and he surely will never be seen again in a ring with someone of that quality.

Located on the other side of the ring was Brook, kissing his fists and pointing them in the air, waving at the jubilant crowd beyond him. With the Brits record now at 36 wins and no defeats, he must be thinking of bigger challenges in the future. This fight was just his third defence of his IBF title that he won back in August 2014, when he defeated American Shawn Porter to become the champion. Now Brook must be highlighting key individuals that would be of good ability, with of more serious names in the division.

Many names instantly spring to mind. WBA champion Keith Thurman would be a solid challenge for the Brit to take on. Danny Garcia is the WBC title holder, with an impressive record of 32 victories and no losses. Finally, the WBO champion Jessie Vargas is the only one out of the four current champions with a loss to his name. All three Americans would be fitting encounters for the IBF holder to pursue in the future. There is also the potential fight between Brook and fellow Brit Amir Khan, but I highly doubt this would happen any time soon, with them both mainly just trash talking with little interest in an actual contest.

Many people (mostly in Britain) say Brook is the number one in the division, but this is hard to be justified with the opponents that he has faced. His record is impressive, and he could be looking at trying to beat the 49-0 record of Floyd Mayweather Jr and Rocky Marciano, but he will surely have to be in a high end encounter to be resembled with the likes of these two. A bout with the winner of Manny Pacquiao v Timothy Bradley would be an engrossing prospect. How about that, Kell?

Written by Joe Dutton

Sources: Sporting Life and Swiss Sports Coaching  


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