Elephant Tree – Dawn – Song Review

After catching Elephant Tree by chance last year at the mighty Red Sun festival in Cardiff, Wales I have been waiting for more music and more shows. Well that time has come. Formed in London, these guys have been working hard at finding that perfect blend of hard hitting, doom ridden rock mixed with clean, melodic vocals that together make for a fantastic psychedelic sound. After last year’s release ‘Theia’, Elephant Tree have been turning plenty of heads in the local scene and with a new album on the way, it looks as if they are just getting started.

‘Dawn’, the first song to be shared from the self titled new album, sets the standard for what is to be expected from the rest of the album when it is released on Magnetic Eye Records on April 22nd. Following the count in, the thick fuzzed up bass drops us straight in to a doomy atmosphere with a monolithic riff that demands the attention of even the most casual of listeners. Then, almost directly counteracting the heavy distorted tones, comes the clean and dream like vocals that take the music to a new psychedelic soundscape that only few can pull off with such confidence and prowess. Combine the two styles over a series of sections and throw in a slow, echo laden guitar solo that soars effortlessly over a barrage of solid riffs and you get ‘Dawn’. At just over four minutes, this song is the perfect length to give listeners enough of a taste of what’s to come without giving too much away and to ensure they come back for more. Expect more riffs, more fuzz and don’t be surprised if you hear some sitar too!

To support the new album the London boys are playing five UK shows supporting the awesome Mars Red Sky, who are touring to promote their new album ‘Apex iii’. With a similar slowed down, atmospheric sound, full of low end doom and dreamy vocals, there couldn’t be a better support act for this tour than Elephant Tree. Starting in Bristol on May 12th, the tour continues through Coventry, London, Manchester and finally Glasgow. I will definitely be in attendance at one of these shows and I strongly urge you to do the same… you won’t be disappointed.

 Written by Ben Hughes


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