Bars to Visit in Manchester!

As a born and raised Mancunian, I have had my fair share of experiences in Manchester’s bars. Whether you’re looking to visit Manchester, or you are a fellow Mancunian who is new to experiencing the city’s bars, here are some of the bars I believe can provide enjoyable and unforgettable times.

Drink or dine in luxury at Cloud 23, Hilton’s glamorous sky bar. Spend an evening of sophistication overlooking the beautiful, rare, luminous views of Manchester city centre seated besides the bar’s glass walls. This bar is one of my personal favourites, and although the drinks may be considered slightly on the pricey side, the presentation, flavours, and service are worth every penny. To take full advantage of the views, I consider the best time to attend the bar is during the evening. The lit up city creates a magical atmosphere, and whether for a date, or even a few drinks after work, this bar is certainly one to impress.

Enjoy a relaxing day or evening in enchantment, at Manchester’s Tattu. Sip a cocktail besides the bar’s own rose gardens, or admire the views of the upstairs cherry blossom tree. Although the drinks may vary in price, this is definitely one for a memorable, unique experience. With many offers being available, there is bound to be something to suit you, and located in Manchester’s Spinningfields, this newly established bar is easily accessible from the heart of the city.

With two current bars in Manchester, this bar has a very unusual drinks menu. The Alchemist, located in both Spinningfields and New York Street mixes up concoctions appearing as though they have just been made in a Hogwart’s potions class! From the beaker shaped glasses to the steamy colour and flavour changing drinks, experience a cocktail like no other. If you love chemistry and things out of the ordinary this is one for you.

​For those readers into live entertainment, Manchester can provide an unforgettable experience, from comedy nights, to cabaret; Manchester is bound to have something to suit you. One of the most popular places is The Birdcage. In central Manchester, The Birdcage provides non-stop fun, with Vegas style cabaret shows, to student nights, take advantage of the low cost drink and entry costs, and enjoy a night full of laughs, and create great memories. As a student, this was my all-time favourite bar. With events being added constantly, checkout the website’s event calendar to ensure you don’t miss out.

​Located nearby Manchester’s famous City Football Stadium stands the Vermillion Cinnabar. Both the visual interior and exterior designs of this place are beautiful. With low hanging, colour changing lights, accompanied by florescent lighting and amazingly comfortable seating, wine or dine in luxury. This bar is perfect for those attending the nearby stadium for events, as there are special offers available, such as with upcoming Coldplay concert. Attendees of this event can purchase the special offer for only £20 per person, which includes a glass of wine, a starter and a main. These offers can be found on the bar’s website.

​Finally, for those who are considering Manchester for a hen/stag night or even just for a an unforgettable laugh with friends and family, one of my final and possibly most fun suggestions is K2 Karaoke Bar. Similar to Vermillion, the interior is outstanding. Whether attending in a small group, or a large group, book a private karaoke booth for an unbelievably bargain price, and sing your heart out from prices as little as £6 per person.

​With an incredible variety of bars, Manchester is not one to disappoint. For those who are looking for inspiration, I hope this helps as a guide, and for those who have already experienced Manchester’s bars, which were your favourites?

Written by Christina Cooper

Source: nhs photos.

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