Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Review

“The greatest gladiator match in the history of the world.” The bold statement made by Jesse Eisenberg’s insane Lex Luthor, that Batman and Superman will fight. The hype, the excitement, the sheer thrill that the two greatest comic book characters will go head to head. “Fight Night!” Luthor says will glee. The tantalising thought is every comic book fans dream. Yet, BvS isn’t what it seems.
Coated beneath the narrative of a superhero film is a political decider of who is right and wrong. The chaos caused in Man of Steel is having heavy ramifications on the world, begging the question: can we trust Superman?

Enter Bruce Wayne, who’s obsession with Superman has taken him to think of only one option: try and kill the Son of Krypton. The world itself is divided, with more deaths and destruction comes more scrutiny for Superman. As the film continues, it becomes more mature and dark that it evolves to a more thought provoking debate. For a superhero flick, it’s extremely adult with its content.

But the problems appear frequently throughout. BvS is crammed and squeezed with additional scenes that are pointless to the narrative. For example, by now, I’m sure everyone knows Bruce Wayne’s origin story. Snyder and David S. Goyer have forgotten the importance of giving the characters some depth and emotion. At times it feels rushed and underdeveloped, but then intense and overwhelming. Batman is full of rage, but Superman feels frozen. The combination may be down to the actors, or the direction its wanted to go. The whole affair feels like a mixed bag of emotions, to which I both hated, and loved.  

BvS, to me will be loved and hated by everyone, and that’s the middle ground I’m at. BvS is pure escapism for a comic book enthusiast, like myself. Seeing the Trinity together, fighting evil as a team hit my inner child wanting this film all my life. BvS is a beautiful film to watch, crafted as treat for the eyes. It’s visuals are made from the pages of comics to the big screen. Batman is brutal, his fighting is magnificent to watch. The third act is a memorable epic battle that will long in the memory. Hans Zimmer’s Opera-esque score fits the tone and feel of what’s happening.

Luthor’s puppeteer act on both heroes, while the slamming of piano keys smashes into the background is a reminiscent of a grand stage play.

The compliments can flow till my fingers bleed, but understandably it feels more like a gateway to what’s arriving soon. This is entertaining blockbuster action. If this is what was needed in order for a Justice League film, it’s a risk that’s paid off.

RESULT: BvS is plagued with issues. Crammed with content, not enough time. The core is more political and questionable, full of debates of who is right and wrong. But there is no questioning that it’s a fun, gloomy, explosive story. No more than a bridge leading to the future of this DC universe.


Written by Kallum Shorthouse

Sources: comingsoon, bleedingcool.


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