How to get yourself noticed by employers 

With unemployment at a real high and graduates leaving university with no job to go into, how do you stand out?

There are numerous ways in which you can do this, detailed below.

1. LinkedIn.

This is a great place to find work and showcase your skills.

Many are now on the platform, but do they know how to use it to its best?

I have more than 700 connections across different sectors and levels within each sector. Many have endorsed my skills and they have also contacted me or responded to mail that I have sent.

I searched for companies that I am most interested in to pursue a career. For example, a career in sport. Search for organisations in the UK sporting sector. These could be from a specific sport and different levels within that sport or it could be a variety of sport and show an interest.

You then need to search for people within those companies that interest you and try to connect with them. Surprisingly enough many may well accept your invitation to connect. 

Once connected drop them a message and show your interest in their company. Enquire as to any vacancies or work experience opportunities. 

Remember getting your foot in the door is the hardest part. 

I have seen this technique work for many, and through LinkedIn friends of mine have managed to gain work placements, internships and even full time jobs.

Fill out your entire profile in detail, to showcase everything you have in your artillery. 

Connect with groups to show interactive use of the platform. 

Check out your current connections, specifically their connections as you may well be interested in people they are connected with. 

So give it a go! 

2. Extra Curricular Activities

If you’re in school, university or work part time. This is the best opportunity to gain more valuable experience.

Search for opportunities within your local catchment area either through Google, look at specific organisations websites, or try your LinkedIn connections. 

What you’re looking for is voluntary work opportunities. 

Yes ok you’re not getting paid, but just think how volunteering could help further down the line in your career! 

The best kind of volunteering that would benefit would be work experience placements. You could work within an organisation for a month or two and help out in particular areas within the organisation. You could learn more than you think! 

Organisations like people that ask for voluntary help. They see it as helping in your career development whilst also helping with their workload. 

Try and spread yourself out, do not be narrow minded. You could do a work placement in marketing for a month and then go and do retail, you could then do journalism. Really try and gain enough experiences to really see what path you would like to go down. 

At the end of the day most job roles cross over between different sectors. And whilst the job roles above are very diverse, you are still using many of the same skills to perform different tasks. 

How to get these kind of opportunities you ask?

Search companies that you are interested in and personally phone call them or in fact write a letter / email or pop in and visit them and approach them directly. Even if they are not advertising for anyone, they may well be glad of the extra hands on board for a month. 

Companies like directivness and drive in young people. If you put the effort in, you’ll be surprised what you can achieve.

3. Don’t live sedentary whilst not at your part time job or studying.

Basically get off your arse. Many say “I don’t have the time in the day” or my personal favourite “I’m too tired to do anything else.”

You weren’t brought into this earth to laze about, you’re also younger than you feel (if you’re not doing anything bar sitting and watching tv that is).

So get up and try new things, test yourself by putting yourself in situations that originally you may not find comfortable. 

The trick is to make yourself stand out from others that are applying. If you don’t have much experience, only a degree. Or if you don’t do anything with your time. Then on paper you will simple look the same or worse than others applying. 

Having a degree is not always good enough anymore, the country is churning out graduates like their going out of fashion. So there are many in the same boat as you.

In my last year at university I had a total of 16 jobs throughout the year. Across a variety of fields, split between voluntary and paid work. Now I’m not saying go and do the same thing. But what I will say is that, if I had the time to do 16 jobs surely you can find the time to do one, right? 

I can also say that from experience those jobs and extra work I did has helped me tremendously in pursuing the career that I seek. I have had some incredible experiences that I am so glad that I have done. 

If you did take on some extra things, you may find you might actually have some fun along the way.

Sources: Internetcreation 


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