The other side of the door review!

As a regular cinema goer, I watch a lot of films, and I can honestly say that The Other Side of The Door is one of the best horror films I have seen in a long-time. The heart-breaking back story was enough to make me want to watch the film in hope that Maria, portrayed by The Walking Dead’s Sarah Wayne Callies, would restore peace in her life by gaining contact with her deceased son.As a big follower of The Walking Dead, I was worried that I would be unable to view the character as anyone different than Lori, but Callies’ acting was so convincing that I became completely oblivious of her previous roles. The film is dark, taking us to foreign settings, and demonstrating foreign energies, as well as exploring the mysteries of Ancient rituals. What made the film so frightening to me personally was the fear of the unknown, and what makes the film such an emotional story is the depiction of what extremities grieving people will go to, to try to be reunited with their loved ones.

We have all felt guilty for something one time or another, and for parents, that may be by being unable to buy your child that expensive toy that was on top of their Christmas list, or shouting at them a little too loud – we may feel guilty for a while over these little things, but we get over them. The film made me realise how we worry over the smallest things, when the main protagonist is forced to face the non-stop guilt from the death of her son, which flashbacks unveil that the young boy’s death was caused from a car crash. After Oliver becoming trapped and trying to set to him loose, Maria had to leave her son to drown in order to save her unconscious daughter’s life. Even though it is fictional, this was still heartbreaking to watch, but equilibrium seems to be restored when her son’s spirit returns– or so we think.

After attempting to commit suicide, it is clear how much pain Maria is in. In hospital, she is informed of an ancient temple with a gateway to another World. By spreading the ashes of her son at the steps of the temple, she will be able to summon him and talk to him one last time to rid of her guilt, but she is warned only one thing – to not open the door, no matter how much he may ask. Full of grief, the film follows the story of what Maria unleashes from the Underworld when she ignores the rules, and opens the door.

Experience sorrow, twists and pure terror in this exciting paranormal journey. For those who have not yet seen it yet, the trailer alone will leave you feeling jittery. This one is definitely worth a watch at the cinema.

Written by Christina Cooper


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