My take on Plastic Surgery. 

If you want to get plastic surgery you should get it, it’s your body so don’t let anyone’s opinion sway your choice. “It’s false advertising”. Really!… Let’s look at this, what is the purpose of advertising, is it not to gain exposure with the aim to sell the product…? why then do you assume that the individual is advertising anything, when you can’t put a price on the head of an human. Unfortunately we live in a society where most forms of clothing can be seen as suggestive i.e. Advertising. It’s not fair but there you have it. Everyone if they are are honest with themselves are vain to some extent, but you do get those that are extreme, for example those who want to achieve a certain look. (Barbie or Jordan). Some may say that plastic surgery is addictive, I personally don’t think that plastic surgery, tattoos etc……are. what I believe is that it is the flawed individual that may have an addictive personality trait that makes the decision. Just because a woman has decided to have plastic surgery does not mean that she has intends to “get them out” willy nilly, nor can you assume that her IQ has taken a hit.Increasingly a large number of men are proving to be just a body conscious, however it would appear that more so any negative press is by large directed at women.

Written by Natasha Grey.

Sources: thirdculture 


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