Lindsay Lohan and Gaming?

Someone give me a couple million dollars, a character in GTA V looks somewhat like me…In a decision that I can only consider as belief defying a judge has given the go ahead for Lindsay Lohan to pursue legal action over her claim that at least one (some reports mention a second unknown character) GTA V character named Lacey Jonas is based on her. No word yet on whether the Jonas brothers will also attempt to get in on the case due to the fact that this fictitious character shares their last name.
It seems that in between jail time, rehab and starring in the occasional movie Lohan now has time to launch yet another high profile law case. The actress was formerly involved in a legal battle with rapper Pitbull after he used the lyric, “I’ve got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan.” Sadly the court case didn’t go in Lindsay’s favour. The judge sited the lyric as an example of freedom of expression.
In the latest case, Lohan claims that, Rockstar Games “used a lookalike model to evoke the persona and image” of her. Rockstar’s parent company Take-Two Interactive responded defining the claim as “legally meritless.” They also claimed that the case was a publicity stunt… (make your own mind up about that one!)
But in New York, Supreme Court judge Joan Kennedy saw it differently acknowledging there was substance to Lohan’s claim that the image is potentially in violation of civil rights laws. Judge Kennedy also said in a statement that she cannot rely solely on the evidence that the defendant, Take-Two Interactive, prepared to disprove the actress’ claim.
With the image of Lacey Jonas used extensively in the marketing of GTA V and now a pop cultural icon gracing everything from t shirts to coffee mugs, the actress could be in for a lucrative payday.
This could open up a huge can of worms, if Lohan was Kevin Spacey she would probably try and sue for the dramatic likeness he shares with COD AD villain Jonathon Irons.
There is already talks of another lawsuit in the works with the Michael Jackson estate legal team apparently (probably, maybe, unlikely?) contemplating suing Donkey Kong for the likeness of the game’s protagonist to former Jackson family pet Bubbles the Chimp.

Written by Rob Currell

Sources: engadget 


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