Karma to Burn ’62’ – music video review. 

From their new 2016 release ‘Mountain Czar’, West Virginia rockers Karma to Burn present the official video for the song which, following a band tradition, is simply given a number instead of a name – ‘62’. The only exception to this is the rare occasion a song includes vocals. However, Karma to Burn are for the most part, a no nonsense, all out wrecking ball of instrumental glory. Refusing to acknowledge normality and typical structure, they are their own band – doing as they see fit.

As always, with ‘62’ we are given sheer volume and beef. Big, unforgiving riffs are laid down one after another and guitarist William Mecum looks like he is enjoying every second of it. With Eric von Clutter entering the fold as new bassist along with Evan Devine returning on drums, the crunching intensity of Karma to Burn is as strong as ever. However, for this video, we only see Mecum making an appearance. Carrying his guitar around as if it is his weapon of choice; Mecum proceeds to bounce around different locations, churning out the chunkiest riffs imaginable.  

Beginning at a small pub, Mecum plugs in to his towering Marshall stack, takes a swig of beer and lets the audio assault begin. From the pub he wanders through the streets and finds himself at public toilets, ice hockey rinks and finally a liquor store. At each location, the Marshall stack is waiting on arrival ready for him to plug in and let the riffs flow out into their new habitat. The bizarre hand movements that he throws in each time there is the slightest of gaps in the mayhem along with the occasional mischievous grin prove that Mecum is in the zone and playing the music he wants to play.
The video is simple enough but reflects the straight forward, ‘play what I want, when I want and where I want’ attitude in the music and for that reason, it is completely effective. Karma to Burn have once again proven that even without vocals, flashy videos or special effects, they can still compete in the big league.
Written by Ben Hughes

Sources: theobelisk 

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