How to make F1 better?

F1 is the most challenging and enthralling Motorsport. 

Lately however, many have slated the sport claiming it is not exciting or thrilling anymore.

Complaints have regarded:

– lack of overtaking

– lack of noise from the cars

– too predictable 

The reasons behind these accusations are mainly due to the changes made at the end of the 2013 season with the new hybrid engines.

The cars have been increasingly hard to follow meaning a lack of overtaking. The new hybrid engines have reduced the focus on the noisy engines of early years. 

The new engines have also changed the sequence. Prior to the 2014 season, Red Bull had dominated for 4 seasons winning back to back titles.  

However now, the Mercedes team have dominated due to them having the full force of the powerful Mercedes hybrid.  

So what could be done to improve matters? 

The Formula One bosses have tried to change the way qualifying is done, and they are also looking at new protection covers for the drivers to improve safety at their insane speeds.

For me qualifying was not the problem, and actually on most weekends Saturday qualifying has been the most exciting point of the race weekend. 

In fact for me, the biggest problem this day an age of Formula One faces is the circuits.

More new tracks appear by the season and many don’t actually offer much overtaking opportunities. The Singapore, Indian and Russian Grand Prixs are poor tracks for overtaking such like the former F1 circuit at Valencia.

For me the most disappointing circuit to watch is the Monaco GP. It looks great, and the action in qualifying is thrilling, but race day? Rarely any overtaking throughout, turns the race into very much all about the qualifying shootout.

Most modern tracks have fast sweeping sections of the track, allowing for a great challenge to the drivers. But disallow overtaking opportunities. Too many tracks have this format, and lack the straights and difficult corners to increase the chance of overtaking. 

If new circuits are to be designed they need to be somewhat like the Turkish Grand Prix and the Italian Grand Prix to improve the racing.   

The cars are improving to adjust to the new changes as the seasons go, meaning more action on the track. Once the rivals of Mercedes improve, it will increase the action at the front. 

Team orders need to be banned once and for all to increase the interesting inter team battles.  

Both drivers in each team shouldn’t share information so that when one teammate is behind the other it could mean for a better chance of overtaking as the cars would not be setup up so similarly.

I also think that more teams need to get into the sport and F1 bosses should provide financial help in order to sway them into the sport and for them to stay in it. More cars on track would mean for an increased chance of more action.

These are only a handful of suggestions, many other elements could be altered in order to improve.

But one thing is for certain, F1 bosses need to start listening to the sports fans and not focusing so much on money. 

Maybe a change at the top of the sport would suffice?

Sources: f1fanatic, The Telegraph, BBC, formula1blog, fanatix.


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