Win not enough to paper over the cracks

The Manchester Derby at The Etihad ended in a famous victory for United.

Manchester’s own Marcos Rashford grabbed the winner early in the first half, whilst he and his team held on for the in against a lack luster City side.  

A famous win against a faltering City?

Since the announcement of Pellegrini’s departure from the Noisy Neighbours in Manchester, City’s season has more or less fell apart.  

Demolished in the FA Cup by Chelsea, fallen down the pecking order for the league title and suffered defeats to title rivals. A bonus of the Capital One Cup and a quarter final against PSG in the Champions League has shed a glimmer of hope on their season. 

All this and Manchester United were still not favourites to win the Derby. This goes to show how much of a torrid time the Red Devils have had this season. Sixth in the league, dumped out of the Champions league and then out of the Euro League by fierce rivals Liverpool, many many injuries to boot, luck has been few and far between for United.

This was a much needed win for United as they chase a fourth spot in the league. They are now only 1 point behind their city neighbours.

So what is going on in Manchester?

Firstly United have kept far too much possession this season, becoming boring and goals have been few and far between. 

Louis Van Gaal’s methods have not worked to the desired affect, but the problem is that he seemingly will not revert to any other method. Plan A or nothing it would seem.

A shine of light for United is the emergence of the youth Van Gaal has implemented including goal scorer Rashford, Lingard and Martial. 

United need to do better, the fans demand it. How you ask? 

For me a new manager is needed in the summer. Van Gaal’s methods are not completely up to scratch and he will not alter anything. Similarly, last season he insisted on playing 3 at the back although it continuesly did not work.  

A new manager would bring new energy and a different focus. 

This season United have relied on youngster to save the day on a continuos basis. Youth can privale in the long term and even on one off occasions but for a consistent basis over a season? Not in this day an age. 


The club seem to awaiting the arrival of Pep Guardiola, they are looking too far ahead.

Perhaps they have become complacent this season? After seeing Chelsea’s demise, City were made favourites for the title with most pundits stating it was theirs to lose. 

To cocky? Perhaps. The Blues squad is so strong, surely they should be doing better? I would say too much focus has been placed on the Champions League and not enough on the league.

Injures to key players in Kompany and De Bruyne have left city alarmingly weaker, showing their major faults especially at the back.

What next?

Both need to focus on the remainder of the season. Whilst City have a dreaming eye on Europe, United could steal a march on them in the league, although West Ham may have something to say about that.

I feel City could make it to the Semi-Finals in Europe, but only if they dramatically improve. 

United face West Ham in a cup reply and they will also be dreaming of victory in a competition they have not won since 2004.

What do both sides need for next season? 

United need a new manager, for me it would have to be a Mourinho or a Simeone like figure to replace Van Gall, I mean who else is really available to do a job? Giggs for me, is not exactly what United need right now.

A striker in Lacacette or Aubameyang would change Uniteds fortune infront of goal dramatically. 

The Red Devils need to play Memphis Depay, he has looked a potent threat when played, but he is often overlooked. 

Dropping Wayne Rooney into a midfield position will allow a creative player such as Juan Mata or a relatively unused Isco from Real Madrid to get their teeth into Uniteds attacking play.

And for City…  

Guardiola will certainly be a big plus point, but what about the players? I think they need a bit of a squad overhaul of I’m honest. The likes of Demichelis, Nasri, Yaya Toure, Kolarov, Bony etc. Are not helping matters at all. Very inconsistent, and large egotistical behaviour will it help the dressing room when times are tough.   

Both need to spend in the summer, and spend wisely. City need a squad overhaul mostly. United need a new man at the helm to orchestrate Uniteds rise back to the top, or a more suitable belonging.


League: City will finish 3rd ahead of Arsenal with United finishing in 5th.

Champions League: City will beat PSG but get knocked out in the Semis.

FA Cup: United will beat West Ham in the reply, but lose to Everton in the Semis. 

Sources: The Guardian, The Sun, The Independent, Sky Sports.


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