F1 2016 Season Preview

The Formula One season kicks off in Melbourne, Australia tomorrow and the excitement is uncontainable for most.

So many questions await to be answered:

1. Will Hamilton win 3 titles in a row?

2. Will Rosberg make a strong challenge? 

3. Have Ferrari improved over the winter? 

4. Has the rest of the field closed the gap to the leading cars?

5. How will the Renault and Honda engines compare to last season?

Lewis Hamilton is the favourite for the title once again having looked sharp over the winter testing in Barcelona.

The reigning champ starts on pole position for tomorrow’s race having been fastest in every session so far this weekend.

Many have questioned Hamiltons social life away from the track; his air mileage, partying, music releases and dare devil acts. 

Pundits worry that his hobbies could distract his work in the car this season. But personally I believe he is more relaxed than ever in the car. 

In the past Lewis has seemingly been incredibly focused on Formula One and I believe it often hampered him as he was too Syked when racing. I think now that he is more relaxed it is aiding his racing and actually focusing his mind on the right elements of racing.  

Can Rosberg challenge?

Personally I think that Hamilton has Rosberg in his pack pocket. Lewis is just seemingly too quick for him and when it comes to car on car racing, the champion always seems to have the edge.

Rosberg has shown he can really mix it with Hamilton when he is on it, but that has not been on a consistent enough basis for him to challenge his Mercedes teammate.

Can this season be different for the German? I doubt it.  

Possible threat from Ferrari? 

The Prancing Horse, led by four time champion Sebastian Vettel looked quick in testing, and showed signs of promise throughout last season with 3 wins for the German. 

Although quick on hot laps, can they be consistently quick over a race distant to challenge the Mercedes? I think they will mix it up with the Mercedes on the odd races and may well split the two front runners on several occasions this season. But I don’t believe they have what it takes to challenge for a title.  

Have the field caught up?

I don’t believe they have. The Mercedes and the Ferrari look well ahead of the chasing pack. Although improvement has been made with Toro Rosso and the McLaren Honda. So we should see closer competition and more exciting racing through the midfield.  

Honda and Renault engine improvement?

We won’t know until the race how quick and reliable the engines really are but signs are looking good. Honda do seem to have produced a better engine second time around, testing was very positive for the McLaren-Honda combination.

Renault also seem to have upped a gear. 

Big Surprise?

I think Toro Rosso will do well this year, they look a stronger outfit. A new engine, and drivers who are no longer rookies will boast a forceful outfit.  

Champion: Lewis Hamilton

Constructors: Mercedes

Surprise Star: Max Verstappen 

Sources: The Guardian, Sky Sports,CNN, Mirror, Formula 1


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