Batman vs Superman: Success or Failure?

Superhero films are the dominant force within the film industry right now. Not only a complete Goliath in terms of the money it makes, but a fans dream seeing it’s comic book characters come to life on the big screen. Marvel studios is in complete control. They have more than three films each year, a fan base that only gets bigger, and most of their films breaking records every year. When will it end? Not any time soon, with films slated past 2020, there is literally no escaping this fad. Who will try and kill Goliath?

Welcome, DC.

DC and Warner Bros. are set for a very busy year. This is their year in terms of taking the huge gamble on their hot properties. One being the all star casted Suicide Squad, with the villains taking the hero role. And the big one, the highly anticipated showdown between two of the greatest comic book heroes. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.  

The gamble? While Marvel has a structure that’s been tried, tested, and throughly succeeded over and over, DC is the underdog. Their last superhero film, Man of Steel, welcomed mixed reviews, only worrying the studios as to whether to carry on with a film universe for their properties. Hugely risky, the studio has brought the stuff of comic book legend, pitting the Dark Knight against the Man of Steel, thus beginning its universe for the upcoming Justice League films. Warner Bros. and DC have also developed their own slate of comic book films all the way to 2020 and beyond, including The Flash and next years Wonder Woman, who’s also included in BvS.

Comparing the two is obvious, but both have different ambitions. While Marvel is always hitting for a family audience, DC is attempting the gritty, dark, real issue path, dealing with the actions of heroes in the real world, more adult you may say. BvS is one week away, and the risk is huge. The ramifications of a box office bomb have happened before with DC properties (Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern), but this is something different. The marketing, the trailers, the hype and humongous build up, it can only mean a successful film. Personally, as a huge Batman fan, I can’t be too critical as I am incredibly excited for this. This is dreams becoming reality, not only for me, but fans everywhere. As a film critic remaining professional as can be, I do worry that if this fails, my dreams will crumble.  

The nervous butterflies rumble in the belly of fans around the world, awaiting the Clash of the Titans.

So this really is it for Warner Bros. and their DC films. If this doesn’t pay off, there’s really no going back. But the question is this: Who will win? Batman? Superman? No.

The fans always win.

What do you think? Who’s side are you on?

Batman? Or Superman?

Written by Kallum Shorthouse

Sources: Fandango, comingsoon 


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