The World Without Technology

Picture the World without technology, how different it would be without having to text your friend asking her/him to meet you wherever you usually meet up, and actually hearing the person’s voice, or having your doorbell ring and it not be an Amazon delivery. Would it be different? Damn right, in my eyes, it would open up new opportunities for people to bond, be more human rather than robot, and actually be able to find love. How many people found their partner through a social media website? I did. People find that normal now, and I guess it is, but if you were to tell someone who was older than sixty, they would most likely be stunned and ask a million questions about how they ‘clicked’ with that person through a computer screen.Although, technology is a good thing on some cases; such as, for hospitals (creating 3D printers for braces for children who have difficulty walking), giving us new experiences, teaching and much more, so without technology, we obviously wouldn’t have all of these brilliant advantages. So where would we be at without it? Would we be working more on creating medicines to care for illnesses such as cancer without the use of technology, would we be less at risk of developing problems such as back/neck pain by not having our heads constantly down at our phones/device? Would there be fewer deaths caused by car crashes? Or would it be like it was in the olden days where family and friends were more important than a cheeky selfie when your hair is flowing in the wind? I know personally, if I didn’t have a phone, or a TV, or Netflix, I would definitely be closer to my loved ones and I would definitely have more of a fulfilled, social life. The worst thing is inviting someone somewhere, and constantly seeing the top of their head because they’re texting, ‘snapchatting’ or ‘instagramming’.

My social media has vanished, everything from Facebook to Snapchat, to Instagram… Gone. I’ve noticed that my life is a lot more better and I have more ‘space’ to do things that are actually useful doing, such as going out with my mum, going out with my partner, my friends… Doing things to help my education without having the distraction of an inbox or a snapchat, I am overall a more happier person who has more of a social life as I don’t spend my time looking at girls who are a lot prettier than me and beating myself up about it, or looking at people moaning about everything, it made me a better person- hence why I think technology is a burden on people’s lives. Let me know what you think on the comments.

Written by Emily-Jade Lea

Source: lifehack 


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