Control of the Media

Sometimes the media can be irresponsible and misleading, resulting in us making life-changing decisions to our society. For example, the EU debate, an already complicated, complex decision and the Sun newspaper publish the article saying the Queen wanted to leave the EU which was stated to be completely false by the Royal family, leaving people furious. Does this mean that what we read, we have to question its’ honesty? We should always be told the truth when it comes to serious topics like this. It can change our whole way of living, our democracy and our overall life. The media is influencing us to make our decision on whether we should be in Europe or no, by involving the Queen’s opinion.
The report from the Sun sourced from the Queen’s secretary, Michael Shea, who was forced to leave his job. He stated that the Queen is said to have snapped quite angrily when saying “I don’t understand Europe”, basically saying the Queen wants to be out of Europe. It also states that the 89 year old monarch firmly told passionate Pro-European Mr Nick Clegg MP that she believed the EU was heading in the wrong direction. Although, there is said to have been a witness from the parliamentary source who said “It was said with quite some venom and emotion. I shall never forget it”. This is irresponsible for the Sun to publish such a story, it is encouraging us to become an anti-EU campaigner, Tory MP Jacob Rees Mogg said “I’d be delighted if this was true and her Majesty is a Brexiter”. I wonder how many people have made their mind up to become “out” because they want to follow the Queen’s opinion, when they do not even know what change it would make and how it may affect them and their loved ones.Clegg denied this ever happening, saying “I would have remembered something as stark or significant as you have made it out to be” and added “I just think it’s wrong that people who want to take us out of the European Union now try and drag the Queen for their own purposes into this European referendum debate”, which makes us question all media sources through the different stories being published.
The biggest shocker is the Palace have taken the unusual step of lodging a complaint as their last complaint was when Princess Diana died in 1997 which was 18 years ago! This shows how significant and major this issue that the Sun have caused to them. The press should be honest about their positions and use arguments to help the public, rather than make us wonder if anyone can believe what they are saying, is true.
On the other hand, there is a possibility that this source is true but how are we supposed to know? The Queen is very arguably the most respected stateswoman in the world, so don’t we have the right to know what she thinks of the EU? The media has a control over us, and we should be given the truth when it comes to our lives, so if this is true, the Queen should tell her real opinion and leave it to us to make the choice, on whether we think her opinion is correct to us or not. It is massive debate. But remember who started it.
The Telegraph’s article says that “The Sun’s story is ‘nonsense’”. Nick Clegg has accused Brexit supporters of trying to “drag” the Queen into the EU referendum debate. Whilst officials panic that they haven’t done enough to ensure that the Queen is ‘above politics’, the public panic on whether to vote in or out of the EU whilst being influenced by different sources which is deeply irresponsible and childish for the people responsible. They are fighting to fix the Queen’s reputation by these comments that was leaked from the Sun. They are taking it very seriously with jokes coming from Mr Gove saying that he might even lose his job.
BBC published an article, ‘Is England Better out or in?, where Eurosceptics’ argue that “withdrawal would reverse immigration, save the taxpayer billions an free Britain from an economic burden” and would “lead to deep economic uncertainty and cost thousands, maybe even billions of jobs”, whereas Brexits’ are saying that there will be freedom from rules, as well as costs, that come with the EU debate membership would make Britain more prosperous. The doubt is that these opinions are on the basis of the Queen’s apparent opinion, or of other media sources, as media is always around us, even if we aren’t aware of it. It dictates our lives and influences our decisions whether it be our outfit, our hair style and the basis of where our country should stand.
So overall, the media is a vicious place that can determine our future and the people in control of it, should be more responsible and aware of how it can affect people’s lives and how it can represent people, as it could potentially change someone’s opinion, which could lead to their lives changing. 
It is not fair that we have to sit back and wonder, whether something we read is true about somebody who rules the country and if something was said, about the EU debate involving the Queen. We have a right to know what exactly was said rather than it being like Chinese whispers, hearing something in one ear then something else in the other. Our generation is followed by other people’s opinions, some people will just follow someone else to try and fit in and if someone was to make the decision to be out, not knowing the consequences behind it and what could potentially happen, then that makes it an irresponsible decision made by the irresponsible press. So what should we believe, does the queen want us in or out? And how do we find out the truth, when irresponsible people are the ones in charge of what we see and hear? Everything just becomes more complicated and complex than it already is.

Written by Emily-Jade Lea
Sources: bookpublicityservices


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