Zika Virus

Congratulations! The begining of the most joyous, monumental chapter in a woman’s life. 

Words so profound that any woman can only consider herself fortunate enough to hear. So can you Imagine the heart breaking plight of the thousands of women living in Pernambuco. 

Upon hearing those words and just knowing that there be a great possibility that their precious gift will be born with the defect, Microcephaly. A neurological disorder which can also be hereditary, the prognosis being “a smaller than normal head circumference, dwarfism and developmental delay, all of which will require life long treatment. 

The city of Recife, Brazil currently the focus of much attention due to the spread of the Zika Virus. Vika virus (ZIKV) first developed in monkeys in the Zika forest of Uganda, common in Africa and Asia, it widely spread to the western hemisphere hitting the shores of Brazil in May 2015. 

Recife built on swamp land, and has many favela (slums) thus making it a prime location ground for the Aedes mosquito, carrier of the Zika Virus, Dengue and Yellow Fever. 

Brazil like most latin countries where abortion is illegal however induced abortion is widely practiced. ” A blind eye” is turned to many unlawful abortions that take place putting the life of many women at risk.

A practice that is carried out by just about any and everyone, access to an unlawful and ungoverned clinic being commonplaced, however most abortions are carried out at home. 

In a nation that boast having the largest population of Roman Catholics, you would be hard pressed to find a politician or law official that is prepared to go against the church, however in light of the current epidemic petitions have been banded around reguarding abotions laws, highlighting the need for change, however conservative forces against abortion are by far stronger than those wishing to loosen the law. 

So seemingly the plan is to “manage and maintain” until a vaccine can be found, but a vaccine is years away from being ready.
Until then laboratories have created a GM mosquito, the idea behind this being that although they do not have an effect on the host mosquito the aim of the GM mosquito is to kill the male mosquito of the next generation.

Written by Natasha Grey.


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