Retro Gaming

Meet Bob. Bob is a 35 year old male who works in the health care profession.Bob is not his real name as he is going incognito for this article due to the fact that Bob does not want his girlfriend to know how much

He spends on retro games. It was either doing this or going into witness protection after the article is released and I just don’t have the influence to make that happen.

You see Bob spends a shit ton of cash on retro gaming every month, if his girlfriend found out how much then Bob would probably be needing the help of the same profession that he happens to work in.

In fact Bob has a very expensive gaming pc that is custom built for the latest games. He has an extremely fast processor, a graphics card that is second to none and enough memory to easily support his potentially life threatening habit. You would be correct in saying that his system is overkill for what Bob loves to play which is as you have no doubt figured out by the name of the article old school, retro games.

Don’t get me wrong, I know as you think of Bob the image that is conjured up might be of a fat bearded guy on roller skates wearing a tie die shirt and listening to MC Hammer on his ancient boom box. A eight bit type character covered bandana wrapped around his head like he just got back from some 80s music festival probably completes the picture. Yet nothing could be farther from the truth.

Sure Bob definitely loves the latest blockbuster game that has just hit the shelves but he always somehow manages to go back to the classics.

Bob feels a certain amount of nostalgia when he fires up his Nintendo imulator or plays 8 bit games that were built for far simpler pc’s.

Some of his friends are amazed that he has a computer worth thousands of dollars, the latest and according to them the greatest current games yet when they come around he is playing packman, pong or space invaders.

 And he is not alone. Retro gaming has always been quite popular especially in the era it was released but there is now a strong revival happening where retro games are coming back in a big way. If you look on ebay you can find many games that were around when you were a kid and some of them fetch an impressive premium.

The number of fan sites for retro games has also dramatically increased in recent times. On social media platforms like twitter retro gaming is a frequently discussed topic which is often chatted about with a deep passion and excitement. It isn’t only original gamers of these retro titles that are interested, many new or more recent gamers are also attracted to the older games for the same reasons.
Some people believe simpler is better and retro games definitely tick this box. Even though retro games are simpler in graphics, gameplay etc they can still present great challenge even the most expert gamer.
With the recent increase in interest in retro games coupled with the purists who have been playing them for years there is no question that retro gaming is here to stay. Why not try one of these old school games today? There are so many to chose from and who knows, you may enjoy playing them?!
Written by Rob Currell.

Source: juicygamereviews


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