Adele- Manchester Arena 8th March 2016 Tour.

On the 8th March 2016, Adele performed her breath-taking performance to an arena full of crazy Adele fans, including myself. To say she’s only been in the industry for eight years. She’s amazing. She is worth every penny as she proved to everyone. She is so loyal to her fans, you wouldn’t believe how she involved her fans- if it’s not inviting you up for selfies, it’s inviting you up to sing with her! I would definitely go again and if you ever have the chance to I would suggest you going to one of her concerts as she is by far the best singer and performer you will ever come across. It actually doesn’t surprise me that somebody tried selling their ticket for £25,000; I would probably pay that if I had the money to.  

She always leaves you wanting more, on her concert she left out some of her songs from her new album which made me buy her album just to hear her other incredible songs! Worth the buy. She sings with such passion and honesty and honestly makes you feel like you’re her best friend and like you know her inside out, she’s incredible! There’s no surprise why all of her concerts were sold out within minutes.

Her entrance was truly beautiful, throughout the wait of her coming on stage her closed eyes were on the big screen and then when she came on, the eyes opened and her voice came on the speakers “Hello”, “Hello”, and then suddenly the eyes open and she arrives so unexpectedly in the centre of the arena on a little stage whilst everyone is thinking she will be on the huge stage at the front!  (She did switch stages throughout the performance). All the way through her performance, she would have chats with us and tell us her funny stories and invite people up! She’s the funniest person, she has an amazing sense of humour and she’s just herself, the amazing Adele Adkins, it’s like watching a comedian as well as the biggest star in the world. It’s jokes such as someone telling her to marry them and her responding “I’m pretty much married at the moment, but if that tips up I’ll come your way” to her telling someone in surprise to “fack off” and to “shut the fack up” because someone travelled all the way from Australia to see her in concert- worth it!  

It’s worth the money, she sounds exactly like her recordings, she honestly is an incredibily talented woman who is such an inspiration, she constantly mentioned it being National Woman’s Day and how it’s important to have girlfriends and how much she loves them and everyone in the audience! You’d never believe what she did, she invited an 11 year old little girl up who wanted to sing with her up on

stage to sing ‘Someone Like You’ with her, it was the sweetest thing you’d ever seen.

She is such a caring, kind-hearted, genuine person.

Her newer songs, such as ‘Send My Love (To Your New Lover), is such a hit and got the crowd moving, it’s one of my favourite songs from her new album, all of her songs are incredible, there isn’t one that you can’t not like. Her old songs also sent us all goose bumps, the way she performed them was so empowering and mesmerising.  

For the Grand Finale, she disappeared after singing ‘Set Fire to the Rain’ slowly going down into the stage, leaving the audience and myself stunned and confused and then she appeared on the other stage with the hit ‘Rolling in The Deep’ with the crowd screaming and singing along and a shower of tiny hand written notes from Adele with lyrics of her songs and messages like “Thanks for coming x” which was a lovely touch to the end of a perfect performance.

Written by Emily Lea

Source: Manchester Evening News


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