Natural beauty

What is natural beauty?……”A person who needs nothing but the skin you are in to be beautiful to the eye”, however it seems that the true definition is subject to individual interpretation. The answer received depends on the age group or gender group asked. More often than not a man’s interpretation will begin and end with the physical attributes, a woman on the other hand will see it as only a reference point from which to begin. Every child of God is beautiful in their own right. Just because you can’t appreciate her beauty doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Not all beauty is meant for you and that’s ok….there is someone for everyone. But when we hear the term natural beauty the image conjured is one that has model like qualities, but even the most successful model doesn’t necessarily look as flawless live. So you see a woman should not be judged solely on her looks we have a plethora of worth while qualities. Not to “Tar all men with the same brush”, however it seems that there are a lot of men out there that are looking for “A beautiful fool”. As opposed to a showing a willingness to get to know the real person. After all “plain Jane” has feelings too and whilst you casually dismiss her,your not only doing her but your self a disservice. “Beauty is in the eye le the beholder”. So why?…..should it be the case that the woman you saw yesterday with make up on, you expressed an interest in……but the same same woman without makeup you didn’t notice. The decision to wear makeup is our own and there are a variety of reasons why we may chose to don makeup for example she may lack confidence or has defects that she is not happy to put on show, what ever the reason let it be known that it is her decision and she should not be made to feel that she will be “left on the shelf” because of her choice. So in conclusion ladies what ever judgements he makes just know that it says more about him and his character, then about you and yours. Just because you seek a beauty that is present without makeup, doesn’t make you any less superficial. So to end the man that can show a supportive love for his woman the more beautiful she will feel.
Written by Natasha Grey


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