Unless you’re living under a very large rock, you might have heard the new Ghostbusters trailer was unleashed onto the WWW. And unless you haven’t watched any films for the last twenty years, this is a remake…or a sequel…or a reboot. What I can tell you though, is its a very good case of discussion for online forums everywhere. Why? Well the trailer is strangely familiar. For one, it’s Ghostbusters, you know what it entails straight away, we’ve all seen the originals. The debate however is dividing fans with different arguments. To begin, one suggests that it’s simply looks awful. That maybe, but it’s just a trailer. The other debates follow issues that gather more problems in real life. Sexism.
This interpretation of Ghostbusters now has an all female ensemble, with now ever improving computer graphics to make the ghosts even more spooky. The trailer looks bright, filled with references to past films, and just plain old popcorn entertainment. The debate of sexism is down to a society that still won’t except that women can be in the action hero role. The problems the trailer display have nothing to do with an element of a female cast, this should actually be applauded. Even in 2016, heroines on the big screen are underwritten and used loosely for male heroes in love situations. The time has come for films like Ghostbusters to properly display strong, intelligent women, in central roles beings the heroes, the right way.
However, the trailer may be filled with references, visually pops, and feels ghostbustery, the film looks awful for simple reasons, so let’s not get political, let’s just get opinionated. Firstly, it’s not funny. And two, and this is the most relevant and important point; it’s a pointless remake that never should have been made in the first place. Ghostbusters has been remade solely to sell, and make as much money as possible. To sell toys and products to audiences to generate profit from a franchise that ended a long time ago.
But that’s just my opinion.
Written by Kallum Shorthouse




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