Pretty Little Liars

So, if you’re not a #pll liars fan then you really need to change that, Pretty Little Liars is by far the best thing I’ve ever seen. Anyway, for people who have watched it carry on reading, for people who haven’t watched it then read this after you have so you don’t get any spoilers!
Where to begin?! Let’s skip a few ‘pages’ (by the way it used to be a book, so ironic right!), and move to the part where it all shocked us- Charlotte is Charles! Who would’ve thought? Well, not to brag but I did have the feeling because if you notice Charlotte disappeared out of quite a bunch of episodes for some time and it got me thinking- but carrying on, it was so surprising! Who murdered him though? I have a feeling it could be Jason, he’s disappeared for a while too and he might not be able to come to terms with what Charles has done to the family and not forgetting Charles dated Jason without him knowing they was actually siblings! I could be completely wrong, but it’s just a thought to keep in mind. Another thought I had in mind was maybe Alison’s ex-boyfriend, the police officer, could be involved in this murder and as he is a police officer, is hiding it from the police! He could still have feelings for Alison and is protecting her- you never know with Pretty Little Liars.

There’s more than one A! Obviously, we all knew this but Charles has supposedly been murdered and the battle is still ongoing, maybe Charles isn’t dead and she did what Alison did and faked her death perhaps to escape Rosewood hating on her, so many ideas! Let me know what you think in the comment section guys, I love hearing about others’ opinions. Now let’s get down to business, who here is dying for Hanna and Caleb to get back together? They were perfect for each other and I got so see hints at them hooking up again, even Spencer and Toby are great for each other, for them to be back together would be the best thing to ever happen in this new series. It would top everything.

This is a weird topic, but who the heck has stolen Emily’s eggs? Like who does that? It’s so crazy and such a horrible thing to do, I desperately want to know who else is on this A game- well, they aren’t calling themselves A anymore, but I really don’t have a clue. Admit it, somewhere in your heart you have a feeling it’s actually one of the liars doing this to each other, like it’s in the title ‘Pretty Little Liars’ they’re liars! Let me know what you think guys and stay tuned.

Written by Emily Lea



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