Feel Good Tips

We all have those days when we wake up on the wrong side of the bed; you know the kind where every little thing goes wrong. The weathers miserable, your hair won’t go right; basically everything bad has happened and it’s not even midday. All you want to do is sit under the duvet and hide away from the rest of the world; so here are a few tips to help your next bad day become a little more bearable.

1. Cry.

Okay so this is important! No matter how small or insignificant the problem may seem to you, having a good cry can make you feel a million times better. Just ball your heart out, then brush your self off, re-do your mascara (don’t worry boys, I don’t expect you to do that) and carry on with your day. Trust me, you’ll feel as though a massive weight will have been lifted.

2. Two words: COMFORT FOOD

There’s nothing that makes me happier on a bad day (or any day really) than when I’m eating something oozing with calories and yummy goodness. It just instantly gives me this warm, homey feeling: and makes me feel like the day is somewhat better than it was before. Not that I’m saying food is the key to happiness, but being wrapped up in a blanket eating a big bowl of piping hot mac ‘n’ cheese is pretty damn close.

3. Films.

Everyone has a go to film that they put on when they feel rubbish; it takes you away from all your problems and allows you to escape from the real world for a few hours. On days when life is getting me down Bridget Jones is my instant pick me up. Bridget has been there for me through all the break-ups, all the heart aches and all the days when I just feel defeated; because honestly – who can’t she cheer up? So go, get under a duvet and put a feel good film on (nothing where a dog dies, you don’t want tears) and laugh yourself stupid.

4. Have a bath.

I always find that the easiest way to relax is to run myself a bath, filled to the brim with bubbles. I always pop in a lush bath bomb for good measure – my personal favourite is Intergalactic, it makes the water look like the ocean. Bring a book, light some candles and watch your troubles float away.

5. Go for a walk.

Sometimes being in one place for too long can make us feel as though we’re experiencing cabin fever. I find that if I’ve been sat in one room for more than a few hours on my own, I tend to feel down and agitated. One thing I would recommend to everyone is to make some time each day to get out of your usual surroundings. Fling a hoodie on, grab your headphones and get out the door. Being outside in the fresh air makes you feel more awake and happy, the open space and different surroundings allow for a new perspective on the day we’ve been having. Even if it is just a quick walk around the block, I guarantee you’ll feel better because of it.

6. Meet a friend at a coffee shop.

Being sat on your own for too long can cause us to overthink and become sad, if you feel like this is starting to happen ring up a friend and arrange to meet them in a coffee shop. Coffee shops are by far the cutest places for a little catch up, comfy chairs, the smell of coffee beans and endless choice of cake. It’s a no brainer when you think about it! My place of choice is usually Starbucks (hello sugar filled frappuccino) there’s always something new on the menu and I’m obsessed with the millionaire shortbread. So grab a friend, grab a latte and spend a few hours eating cake, people watching and catching up with one another. There you have it, you just created the perfect afternoon.

7. Sleep.

No matter how bad the day seems a good nights sleep can work wonders for your mood. Putting on some fresh pyjamas and putting the day to rest allows you to switch off and let your dreams take hold. As the saying goes ‘Tomorrow’s another day’ and everything always looks better in the morning.

 Written by Jazzmine Pickles

Sources: savvydad.com


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