Mind over Matter? Heart over Technique?

A constant debate among musicians, what is more important? Playing with your heart or playing with technique? Being a student at a prestigious music college I witness technique being worshiped as though it was a bible to a priest. The more complex the music the better.
This doesn’t need to be a bad thing, as in a music college technique is vital, however often people play with fantastic technique but no heart. However, what is anything is life with out the love driving it?

If we consider Artists like Nirvana, Kurt Cobain was probably the worst technical guitarist of his time. However, he played with feel and emotion, which captivated people.

Then we can move on to look at Artists like John Mayer, who plays with outstanding technique and completely with his soul.

Many classical musicians play from a completely technical perspective, for me this isn’t captivating and many people can consider this style of playing boring.

 If Picasso painted normal beautiful paintings would his art have been the same?

 This is a constant debate in many artists minds, but really if you do things in life with no soul do they even matter at all?

 Written by Mairi Bell

Source: zumic.com


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