Let’s Get Crazy!

Are you looking for a night out with a difference? Then head on down to Junkyard Golf Club and prepare to be wowed.
After it’s success in December the pop up crazy golf course is back, bigger and better than ever. Upon arrival, it may look more like a car boot sale than a mini golf course, but that’s what makes this ‘Junkyard’ unique.

Junkyard Golf has two courses for golfers to choose from ‘Fred’ and ‘Gertrude’. Both courses are 9 holes long and are made up of recycled materials. As golfers make their way through each course, they will come across a variety of somewhat random objects. From Barbie dolls, to paddling pools: Junkyard Golf is full of wonders for the eyes to behold.

 With holes with names such as Eddie The Eagle and Tikki as Putt and the ‘student friendly’ price of £6.00 a game, it would be a mistake not to go down to The Great Manchester Warehouse and check out this one of a kind pop up before it departs once again.

 As well as it’s awesome crazy golf courses, Junkyard is also home to a fully licenced bar and food stall. Catered by the Burger Boys you can grab a classic hot dog and some nachos (starting at just £4.50) to see you through your game. The cocktails are just as adventurous as the golf courses with names such as Fairway to Heaven and Dude Where’s my Parr? Priced at £7.00 each and a draft beer for £4.00,it’s the ultimate night out!

 So if you’re looking for a night out like no other, then head on over to Great Northern Warehouse for a night filled with booze, crazy golf and fabulous food! Just don’t get too drunk and fall in one of those paddling pools eh?

Written by Jazzmine Pickles


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