Does Sex Sell?

Is it just me or do you also feel that at every turn there is a usually a woman, scantily clad on the cover of a magazine, or the cliche partially clothed woman draped across the bonnet of a car. OMG! gives us a break please. Women have earned the right to be seen as more than just sexual objects available for the gratification of men, proven to be just as capable in the “Business World” as men. So why…? Are we still being seen as nothing more than a play thing for men, when the truth of the matter is “That behind every good man is a great woman” of course men are also used as sexual objects, however the difference being is that their images are more subjective, this is because the notion still exists that women are the homemakers, the pretty adornment that waits at home (usually barefoot and pregnant) for her man. This age old problem has been debated over at length. “Does sex sell”. Arguments have been made for and against….let’s examine. The images of sex and violence used by advertising executives who can often be described as narrow-minded and idle, choosing to take the easy option rather than to find more intelligent ways of getting their message across. This age old problem debated over at length. It needs to be said that advertisers only have a short window in which to grab our attention and make an impact and unfortunately “sex and violence” gets the job done”. The truth is that apparently, young people do seem to respond to “sex and violence” not to imply that all young people are completely sold on salacious advertising however some do show an initial positive response to it. According to research conducted humans have a lizard reptilian brain which responds to primal urges, for example the woman’s desire to reproduce and the man’s desire to protect. Doctor Richard Malinger said “sex is the second strongest of the psychological appeals, right behind self preservation”. Social media cites provides an imediancy an openness which encourages the individual to bypass privacy filters which ordinarily they may adopted in a live conversation, most definitely these cites have a lot to answer for. Twitter, Instagram to name but a few of the platforms available, that provide a false sense of security, anonymity. A sign of the times mean everybody needs a job, so where…? do we assign blame, would it really be fair to lay it with those just trying to make an honest day’s work…? and after all for every woman that may want to “turn her nose up” there is a woman right behind her only too willing to take her place, for every magazine left on the stand with a dubious image on the front cover, there is always someone willing to buy it. Outdated, archaic methods have and will, at least for the foreseeable future be used, simply put….because the “times”dictate it. Plenty of data shows that consumers do not make a purchase because of the scantily clad woman or half-naked muscle man on the cover but instead because the poroduct “does what it says on the tin”. It needs to be said that despite the largest consumer buying power belonging to those 40+, however advertisers still largely choose to target the young and impressionable. 
Written by Natasha Grey

Source: daz3d


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