Deadpool Review

Long ago, test footage was leaked online of mouthy mercenary jumping from a large height into a car full of armed men. What follows is the Merc beating, killing and crashing the vehicle, while Juice Newton’s angel of the morning plays softly through the destruction.

Deadpool is Ryan Reynolds lovechild, dedication is why Deadpool is here. Reynolds has worked tirelessly to create the perfect ‘Merc with a Mouth’, a film not just envisioned for her eleven years as a project he hoped would become reality, but a film worthy of fans dreams. Has he succeeded? Both surprisingly, and unsurprisingly, yes.

Deadpool is independent, a twist on something we’ve not quite seen before. From comic book to page, its a film crafted with love and attention. Deadpool blends many different genres for multiple people to watch, appreciate and enjoy. Of course, the superhero action is there, the comedy is often juvenile and crude, and he swears so often that he’s making up new profanities as he goes along. Strip that away, and it’s a love story…with lots of blood and violence mixed in too, but ultimately a love story.

As a Marvel film, Deadpool is grounded, gritty, bursting with character and energy, with nowhere near the same budget as the likes of their other elite on screen superheroes. This huge factor has resulted in why Deadpool has stormed the box offices around the world.

What’s refreshing is this isn’t a ‘save the world’ superhero film, in fact Deadpool quite often points out he isn’t even a superhero. Deadpool is doing everything for himself, for love, and for you, the person watching his crazy life. Deadpool knows we are watching him, so often breaks the fourth wall to communicate certain aspects we need to know, like how he can’t reference other superheroes from his Marvel Universe (Licencing, trademarks, blah, blah, blah).

Deadpool has paved the way for grander, more violent, adult superhero films to present themselves. For what its worth, this isn’t the superhero film we deserved, its the one we’ve always really, really wanted.

Written by Kallum Shorthouse




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