The Addiction to Netflix

Do you ever find yourself sitting in for days in a row watching series on Netflix? If so, you’re not the only one. I literally waste my life doing this. There’s a problem with it though, you start to recognise that you’re becoming your favourite character in the series you’re watching. For example, Big Bang Theory, absolutely love it- what I don’t love is that I am now Sheldon Cooper, kind of- without the brains. I spend my time correcting people, trying to be smart and literately only to find myself with 2 friends down because of how it annoys people, now I have no friends. Messed up right? And for all the ‘Pretty Little Liar’ fans (Aka PPL), you’ll notice if you’re as addicted as me to watching it, you are now your favourite actor in the series, you start behaving like them, talking like them, looking like them slightly, and probably drinking their favourite beverage.

I honestly blame Netflix for me morphing into a new person. Anyway, there’s always good out of Netflix- just broke up with a boyfriend/girlfriend? Netflix. Just fallen over and broken your leg? Netflix. Just forgot all meanings of life and having friends? Well Netflix is the answer. It solves everything, from troubles to celebrations, just get your pyjamas on, bring your friends over (if you still have any after becoming Sheldon Cooper) and watch Netflix.

Although, they really need to add new films, they’re becoming boring- like whom reading this has watched ‘Just Go With It’ like 3 times, because I have- and who in the world wants to watch ‘Legally Blonde’, I’m sorry if you like this film but personally I think it’s shocking.

If you want to know more about Pretty Little Liars, stay tuned for my next article.

Written by Emily Lea

Sources: Netflix


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