Whatever happened to good old fashioned dating?

Are the days of meeting someone randomly in a bar or a supermarket and hitting it off?

The 21st century has brought an entirely new outlook on dating and meeting new people that could hopefully turnout to be ‘the one’.

Dating sites such as Tinder and Plenty of Fish have seemingly taken over the spotlight, but how do they work?

Tinder is essentially all about your main photo, as it is more of a picture dating app, unless of course you’re prepared to look at everyone’s bio (which quite a few don’t). Success on such an app seemingly comes to those who are good looking or can edit a photo well on Instagram. If your photo isn’t good enough, you may not even be able to begin working your charm or getting to know someone.

What about Plenty of Fish? This also contains a photo swipe application within the app, but it does have an extensive profile builder for you to really set your stall out and attract those that don’t just go for photos. You can also message people without them having ‘swiped right’ on your picture, which enables you to engage in conversation or the classic ‘pick up line’.

Both apps can be successful for those who are patient. But are people too scared to randomly approach someone that takes their fancy in a public place?

More than most would say they are perhaps, and that they would feel more at ease through the use of a keyboard. Ask yourself, why are you so scared? What have you got to lose by approaching someone? Do you even try when you’re sober?

Technology and the use of mobile phones has gone through the roof in the 21st century, and some struggle to communicate well without their trusted device in their hands.

It is a rare thing to say that you met someone whilst walking in the park, or whilst out shopping. It takes a certain degree of bravery to approach a stranger and ask them out on a date. But the benefit is, is that it is now against the norm to do that sort of thing, so this could well be a more beneficial approach than using dating apps.

Wondering how to break the ice with someone? Stay tuned for some top tips soon.

Sources: Dating and the PhD


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