The Modern Day Music Industry

Imagine being surrounded by sharks, deep in the ocean whilst trying to come up to the surface desperately for a breath. A million struggles running threw your head at once. Strangely enough this seems to be an accurate representation of the modern day Music Industry. The sharks being the competition, the desperation to breath being the struggle of continuing pushing yourself to make it. Perhaps hell is a similar comparison. However, once you get that breath, and fight the struggle, is it worth it?

Being successful in the music industry is filled with lights, cameras and drama. Has Taylor Swift really had all those boyfriends? Is Miley Cyrus genuinely as crazy as she lets on? Who knows.

What many people don’t see is the other side, there is a huge part of the music industry hidden from the public eye. Managers, Publishers, even the tax companies have a huge involvement.

Before making the dive into this competitive world, it is important to ask yourself a question. Where do I want to go? What do I want to fight for? Maybe this is the same with many careers, but in this industry you can fight for years one day make a hit and the next day be forgotten.

At the end of the day, if you love it fight for your breath. It is impossible to swim away from sharks for something that doesn’t possess your heart.

Written by Mairi Bell

Sources: Photobucket


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